Rental disputes are also dealt with before municipal courts and other jurisdictions. It also stipulates that landlords can only evict tenants after receiving court injunctions. Counsel for the respondents stated that this had allowed the lessor to terminate the lease agreement, to take possession of the property while retaining the right to appeal to the lease. In this document, Counsel cited the testimony in halsbury`s Laws of England, volume 12 4th Edition, and relied on the place where scholarly authors stated on page 108 that: „Landlords and tenants may rely on an explicit power of seizure certain on the authority of Joy Tumushabe &Anor vs M/s Anglo African Ltd &anor (above), I think it is illegal to apply for rent by court order. And 1 put it aside. The first defendant must return the property wrongly seized to the plaintiffs. In the event that the immovable property in difficulty is no longer available, it is recommended that claimants file a separate appeal to determine the damage suffered; and also to determine any other losses they have suffered as a result of the shortage of illegal rent. However, since the rental relationship between the applicants had expired with the second respondent, they were burglars on the premises; for which their expulsion was lawful. As a result, they are not allowed to return to the premises. In case I make the following orders: – One of the most important provisions is that owners and tenants must sign rental contracts of more than 500,000 shillings with clear conditions. It will resolve the issue of informal settlements that have dominated the real estate sector for a long time. It is remarkable, however, that the same bill, which attempts to address the current problem of informal agreements, leaves a gap by maintaining oral and tacit agreements.

„. If the tenants object to the landlord`s rental terms agreed between the parties and the landlord prefers to repossess or provoke a legal act that the tenants continue not to respect, they become intruders on the property in question. In this case, the owner can resort to all legal means to achieve the desired goal, which is to drive out the provocative invaders and remove their property from the premises in order to empty the premises. Thus, in a number of cases, including Jackson vs Courteneou (1857) 8 E &B 8, Ex. Ch. Scott vs Matthew Brown &Co.Ltd (1884) 51 LT. 746, Shaw vs. Chairitle (1850)` Cor. -Kir. 21 and Hemming vs Stoke Pages Golf Club Limited & Anor [1920J1K. B 720 (C.A.) the principle was that, when an intruder peacefully enters or is on land, the person detained or entitled to ask him to leave and if he refuses to leave, that person may remove him from the country without resorting to more violence than is reasonably necessary.

In the case of Hemmings & Wife vs The Stoke Pages Golf Club Limited & Anor (above), Scrutton L.J. stated that the most controversial provision, however, is that all rents be charged and accounted for in schillings, contrary to the initial proposal that the parties can agree to trade in any other currency in the agreement. The question before me requires consideration in the same circumstances. The landlord/tenant relationship between the applicants` parties and 2 The respondents have not existed for a long time. The respondents are the case where the lease agreement between them and the applicants provides for the remission of the rent shortage, even after the lease agreement. The relevant part of the lease in question provided: – the bill prohibits the lessor from increasing the rent by more than 10% per year or the percentage that may be imposed by the Minister in a legislative act. . . .

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