The Board of Directors should consider whether the working committee agreement is required before the strata management company can transfer funds from the Emergency Reserve Fund to cover a temporary deficit in the operational fund. For example, imagine that strata-management also offers real estate management services to your Strata Corporation to an owner who leases Strata land in your Strata Corporation. The interests of the owner of the land posted with respect to the lease of the unit may differ from those of Strata Corporation. A strata management company that offers both strata management services and hire-purchase management services may not be able to act in the best interests of both clients. Sometimes the owners cannot agree with the decisions or actions of the strata manager. Since the head of position acts under the direction of the rotation board, the owner should address his or her concerns to the board of directors. It is the responsibility of the team board to take into account the concerns of the owner and, if necessary, to take action, including filing a complaint with RECBC. Although, in order to enter into a contract with a strata management company, the owners must authorize the payment of the management fee, the choice of a strata management company is a decision of the Strata Council, unless the owners have expressly ordered the Strata Council in this regard. As a general rule, fees are included in the budget, as approved by the owners at the general meeting („general meeting”), or as an additional effort, either at the general meeting or at an extraordinary general meeting. Disclosure must be made in writing and in a separate document from the service contract. Section 5-1 of the Real Estate Rules requires a strata management company to have a written strata management agreement with Strata Corporation, unless Strata Corporation waives it. The rules also require that the written strata management contract be concluded with that Strata Management Company prior to the commencement of services.

When a management contract is concluded, Strata Corporation, as a separate legal entity, withdraws the contract. While strata Council may negotiate and sign the contract, strata Council does so on behalf of Strata Corporation and its owners. Some Strata Property Act forms are required by the Landtitelamt when transferring a Strata property, for example. B a form F Certificate of Payment. When considering the termination of the service contract, the Board of Directors should take into account the termination provisions of the SSS, as described above in the discussion on „duration”. Strata Corporation and Strata Management Company may negotiate other termination clauses; For example, a shorter notice or lower threshold of 3/4 votes, but an „agreement” extending the notice period beyond two months or increasing the required number of votes to more than 3/4 would not be appropriate. While service fees are often negotiable, a certain strata management company may have set fees and may not be willing to negotiate those fees. In the strata management sector, different strata management companies calculate different amounts for different services. Strata owners often make the mistake of believing that their rights as owners are absolute and that they can do whatever they want within their own Strata unit. Although each statute is different, the articles of a Strata Corporation generally require owners to seek permission from Strata Council before making any changes to their Strata Lot.

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