ACCORDINGLY, the parties have duly affixed their signatures on hand and are sealed on this basis (a) in order to use the entire loan for the necessary purposes. (b) immediately inform the events or circumstances likely to cause the delay in the conclusion of this Agreement. (c) To provide accurate and truthful information. (d) reimburse without default the necessary amount of financing. (e) keep in the account of the bank that draws a balance sufficient for the payment of the CEPs it has issued on the due date of a tranche, and then cash all such post-dated cheques. (f) the correct performance of all the conditions laid down in this loan agreement. g) The Borrower agrees to exempt and indemnify all claims, actions, liabilities, costs, losses, damages suffered by your access in violation of the mentioned Terms of Use as well as applicable laws, rules and regulations or agreements in force from time to time. (h) any recovery costs of the creditor shall be borne by the borrower (i) the costs of opening legal proceedings. Each Party shall provide the following assurances and guarantees with respect to itself and confirm that they are accurate, correct and valid: (a) it shall have full power and power to take, provide and enforce the terms and provisions of this Agreement and, in particular, to exercise its rights, to fulfil its obligations and to provide the assurances and guarantees it has provided under this Agreement; (b) its obligations under this Agreement are legally and valid and may be implemented against it in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. (c) the Parties warrant and declare that they have the legal competence and capacity to execute and enforce this Treaty.

In the event that the PDCs given in favor of the lender are not realized or in the event of late payment on the part of the borrower, i-lend has the right to remunerate the costs/payments due on the funds received by the borrower in the following order: (i) fees, charges, expenses and other funds incurred to receive the payments due from the borrower. (ii) right of delay and penalties, if any, that are due to the lender; (iii) interest, if any, due within the meaning of the loan agreement. (iv) Amount of capital payable and payable. Dear Sandeep, as far as stamp duty is concerned, the stamps to be affixed are based on the amounts and it is necessary to consult the relevant stamp duty rates of the State in which the document is executed. Stamp duty varies depending on the duration of the loan, the quantum and the nature of the loan. I need some information from you. We borrowed an amount from our family friends four years ago. The total amount was 6 lakhs And at the time of borrowing the money, we gave them more than 2 promissing notes. That`s how we learned recently that they missed one of our promissy notes.

This month we will pay them the full amount and I would like to take an amount that I received from them. Please let me know the format of any contribution from them and let me also know if I need to take any other papers from them for future purposes. Dear Karthik, thank you for the answer. We are worried about having to pay taxes if my friend transferred money to my account. And what type of the latter will help us PN or credit agreement? Hi, Shreekant. This is a very good article. I have a doubt, so if you can only help me, it will be great. I know someone thanks to my cousin who would take a sum of 1 varnish and pay 1 year 5000 per month, and after a year he will return 1 varnish. So, frankly, my profit would be 60000 inr for the 1lack loan. .

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