Tel. +1 (408) 831-4000; Fax: none; E-mail: Additional information necessary for the identification of the organization: none. ………………………………………………………………. (the data importer) a „party” each time; together, „the parties” have agreed on the following contractual clauses (the clauses) in order to provide appropriate safeguards regarding the protection of the privacy and fundamental freedoms and freedoms of natural persons for the transfer of the personal data referred to in Appendix 1 to the data importer. If becomes aware of a confirmed breach of the customer`s personal data protection, will inform the customer and provide the customer, to the extent possible, with the appropriate information and cooperation so that the customer can fulfill any data protection breach reporting obligations it may have under the General Data Protection Regulation. The customer releases from any loss related to a breach of the protection of personal data due to the customer`s non-compliance with confidentiality requirements or the violation of this DPA and keeps them harmless. The customer is solely responsible for where he downloads the customer`s personal data during the use of the services. has servers in secure data centers around the world, some of which are located outside the EU and EEA. The services allow the customer to select the data center region during the checkout process as well as through the customer portal in the cloud panel.

If the customer is not sure which data center region the services will be provided from or wants to move between regions,`s support team can provide support upon request. The customer acknowledges that certain aspects of the services, such as. B the content distribution network, are served by several account centres worldwide, including outside the EU and EEA, due to their design and purpose. To provide and support the Services, the Customer agrees to employ international subcontractors outside the EU and EEA, including partners and subsidiaries, ensure that appropriate technical and organisational security measures are in place for the processing of personal data, including the recruitment of qualified personnel, physical access controls to data centres, system access controls, data access controls, data transmission protocols, system log and backup systems….

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