If children go to daycare, add a proposed day care plan. If they are taught at home or if they need special training, attach the certificates of the teacher or institution (for example. B a bachelor`s degree or certificate of accreditation). The education plan must take into account where the child will sleep and the parent the child will be with each day of the year. These include vacation plans, school holidays, vacations, birthdays, and other special occasions throughout the year. As children`s needs evolve with their growth, the educational plan must anticipate this and demonstrate their recognition of their child`s changing needs. Plans should take this into account in order to minimize the need for future amendments. It must also take into account the transportation measures for the child and how these costs are paid. Finally, it must contain an agreement on how a parent contacts the child when the child is with the other parent. Physical custody determines where the children live and who is their custodian. In most cases, physical custody is also shared. However, as a rule, there is one parent designated as the primary physical guardian and the other parent obtains secondary physical custody.

Courts determine physical custody on the basis of several factors, including who was the child`s primary guardian during the marriage. When the parents reach an agreement, they work together to develop a plan and the judge turns it into a final order as long as it guarantees the health, safety and well-being of the children concerned. It is very rare for a child to ever be invited or expected to testify in court. In fact, in many circumstances, judges will think negatively of a parent asking a child to testify against the other parent. In case a child`s voice needs to be heard, it is best to include a Guardian ad Litem that can be the child`s voice and representative. If you have doubts about the behavior of the other parent, you prohibit certain acts in the children`s entourage. For example, you can prohibit parents from drinking alcohol during their stay with the children. When a couple ends their relationship, there are many changes that come with separation. But one of the most important issues to be solved is the custody of all the children involved. „Where will the children live?” and „Who will make vital decisions for them?” are questions that can be resolved by the parents by agreement or by the court if the case is challenged. As a rule, shared custody is assigned to the parents, which means that the parents must participate in decision-making regarding the children and that the parents have equal rights over the child`s medical and educational documents. While it`s best to consult a lawyer in complex cases, a guide written in plain language can be a handy resource for respecting custody..

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