3. During the period of ________ the buyer must organize exhibitions of the artist`s works in cities _______ and other places jointly determined by the parties. Buyer is responsible for all costs of such exhibitions, including advertising, catalog and insurance costs, and bears the full cost of storing all artist`s pieces delivered to Buyer in accordance with this Agreement. 2. Sale. The artist agrees to sell the work to the collector. The goods shall be transferred to the collector at the time when the artist has received the full payment referred to in paragraph 4. 5. Upon sale of any of the works of art covered by this contract, the actual net proceeds of the sale shall be reimbursed to the buyer for the initial shipping costs relating to this article. In addition to and as compensation for the services of the buyer when selling a given work, the buyer has the right to obtain _____ % of the balance of the net proceeds of the sale concerned, as and for the commission of the buyer for the execution of such a sale, with the remaining percentage of this balance, less all amounts due to the buyer under this agreement, to remember. to be paid quarterly to the artist. One form of partnership in art distribution is the artist-agent relationship. Hiring an art salesperson is a great way for artists to focus primarily on painting rather than sales and marketing.

Agents typically use combinations of sales techniques — including online galleries, auction associates, and consignment stores — to sell and market your art and professional reputation. Representative agents are usually paid on the basis of commissions to encourage them to sell paintings at the maximum price. The percentage of the commission paid per table to a representative agent can vary from 20 to 50 percent, depending on the Professional Artist website. 1. For a period of ______ years beginning with the date of this contract, the buyer has the exclusive right to offer for sale, in any part of the world, all works of art created by the artist and created by the artist and to offer others for sale. The artist first delivers each object of his work to the buyer in a place determined by the buyer. As an alternative to contract art sales and business partnerships, some artists market and sell art through online wallet hosting sites. Foliotwist provides artists with online art galleries and shopping cart services where they can promote their paintings and manage sales for free. Membership also includes features such as a free domain name, web hosting, email addresses, and reseller services integration.

Starting in 2011, Foliotwist will offer two types of subscriptions at prices of $24.95 and $39.95. Similar online wallets such as Artbreak and ISpyArt can join for free and do not require a sales commission (see resources)….

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