However, a client or translation firm may continue to attempt to sue you for damages for illegal use or disclosure, and you may need to invest time and money in managing your claim. So why not do everything in your power to avoid this from the start? I. The contracting parties cannot, in their public statements, their announcements or references to their confidential activities, withdraw appropriately, but only by mutual agreement. Nothing in this agreement should be construed in such a way that Speakt limits the use or disclosure of its own confidential information. You ensure that the final balance of the salary you have generated by working on jobs, either through payment providers assisted by speakt („payment providers”) or through a bank account in euros or pounds sterling that you indicate. You must have a bank or other account with the payment provider at all times to receive money from Speakt. Speakt is not responsible for late payments caused by the services of a payment provider. From January 2018, you will not have to issue a service bill for Speakt, as our company has entered the self-billing system in accordance with the VAT 700/62 communication (July 2013) of GOV.UK. After each calendar month, Speakt will receive a credit bill issued by Speakt in connection with your payment. It is spent at the beginning of each calendar month for the previous month`s jobs.

You`ll find all credit bills in the Bills section of your Speakt account. You are responsible for filling in and keeping up to date with all the necessary information about yourself. The account of a credit account, partial invoice or other payment is made up to the due date agreed between the parties or, in the absence of such an agreement, within 30 days of the date of the establishment of the credit account on the exchange date chosen by Speakt for the payment day chosen by Speakt. Fees and changes to the banking or payment service provider (for example. B payment fees and payments) are the responsibility of the translator. For the mutual benefit of speak and your own, Speakt only makes payments if your accumulated income balance exceeds 30 euros. In this context, you are required to print us and send us, in signed form, within the first ten days of each calendar year, as well as your tax identification data, the self-billing contract. For more information, please visit the websites: and After becoming legal translators, the NDAs have reappeared in my life. The offer to sign one is actually a good selling point for legal translators, as confidentiality is very important for many clients, whether it`s litigation or new transactions. The very first document I worked for sent me as an NOA or, as I said, an adaptation of the traditional NDA (later).

You are an independent contractor of Speakt for translation services and in connection with those mentioned above, you have disclosed Speakt, and you can disclose yourself more information about certain confidential technical and business information.

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