Assigning means that the new tenant takes over your rental agreement. The new tenant does not need to enter into a new agreement with the landlord and the rent remains the same. If you withdraw your tenancy agreement, you do not have the right to reinstate and you are not liable if the new tenant causes damage or rents. Hello Michael,Thanks for all your information contributions. I have a question about a couple (single and not long enough together to be considered a common law) who now want to separate. My partner and I signed a lease together, and unfortunately, we now choose our separate paths. We have been living together for about 6 months in a rental unit (the initial duration is one year) and our two names are in the rental agreement. She`d like to move, and I want to stay in the unit. I am prepared to take full financial responsibility. My question is – if I ask the owner to move, could the owner pass me off so that we were originally approved for the unit based on our combined income and our two credit ratings? Thank you! Since losses are likely to occur if a tenant breaks the lease, in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act, you should do everything in your power to mitigate it.

Owners must ensure that safety, health and maintenance standards are met in accordance with applicable legislation. Otherwise, LTB may exempt a tenant from its obligations. It seems that the lease allows for a parking space. Whether or not the tenant has a car, as you mentioned, she will have a place for her own „private car.” Therefore, according to the lease agreement, she is entitled to a place. The problem with applying this type of formulation in a rental agreement is that you should prove that parking another vehicle in that room, your customer or another`s car, has an impact on your right or enjoyment as an owner. Or that it affects the rights or enjoyment of another tenant in the building. Hello Michael, This is an amazing and useful article that you have posted. Thank you for this information. Just a small clarification: if I send my landlord an email asking him to „assign” my rental contract to another person, and the person does not respond within 7 days, do I have reason to terminate my lease? Good luck, Justin Hi Michael thanks for sharing this wealth of knowledge. I needed a little clarity on a particular issue. Our landlord has agreed to the assignment of the lease. However, now that we have found tenant to take over the lease, it does not give its specific agreement (we have signed a lease sale agreement for all parties) It makes this execution/agreement provided by the New Tenant with all the dated cheques reserved for the rest of the lease.

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