The European Commission confirmed on Friday that Greece was complying with EU competition rules when it granted the German-Cypriot consortium Fraport the concession for the operation of 14 airports in 2015 as part of its financial rescue plan. The conclusion of the 40-year airport concession contract between the Greek government and Fraport Greece was signed by the relevant finance ministers, Euclid Tsakalotos, infrastructure and transport, Mr Christos Spirtzis and the National Defence, Mr Panos Kammenos. On behalf of HRADF The agreement was signed by its CEO, Mr. Antonis Leousis. The investor paid the flat price of EUR 1.234 billion, while the overall financial agreement under HRADF`s international tender provides for an additional 22.9 million EUROS as a guaranteed annual rent, adjusted annually for inflation, as well as variable remuneration calculated after the year 28.6% of earnings before taxes, interest and depreciation. As part of the consortium, airport upgrades occur during the first four years of the concession to meet objectively defined C-level criteria, as defined by IATA, and to maintain and maintain the aforementioned service levels throughout the duration of the concession. The infrastructure and facilities to be built by the investor will also be transferred to the property of the Greek government and will be returned to the Greek government when the concession expires. HRADF is currently working, in coordination with the Greek State and HCAA, on compliance with the preconditions for the closing of the transaction and the start date of the concession, which is due to take place in the coming months. The concession agreements have been ratified by the Greek parliament by Law 4389/2016 (A 94) and are available to the public on the websites of Parliament and the Official Journal. In total, the amount of these revenues over the life of the concession will exceed 10 billion euros.

In addition to the aforementioned lump sum and the annual price (fixed and variable), the Greek government expects cumulative tax, social and other benefits of EUR 4.6 billion.

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