5. Duration of the contract: the date on which he signed the new employment contract is the date on which his contract is counted. The duration of an employment contract is generally indeterminate and moves from a traditional two-year contract to a contract that extends indefinitely until the assigned work is completed or until one of the parties wishes to terminate the contract. The duration of the contract may be extended by mutual agreement between the employer and the worker and it is customary for foreign workers to remain in Qatar for more than 20 years. It should be noted that Qatar has employment rates for certain sectors, such as services, where official employment cannot be held by a foreign worker for this particular role. The termination of an employment relationship assumes that the employer pays the worker all wages and benefits due for the duration of the dismissal, provided that the worker fully assumes his normal duties during that period. The employer is required to pay the full amount of this allowance, even if it asks the employee not to work for the duration. All employers should present foreign workers with an employment contract or a formal letter of contract, which specifies a number of details. Work permits are obtained by the Ministry of Labour after completing various immigration formalities with the Ministry of the Interior, including the establishment of a local employment contract. There are a variety of different visas and permits available in Qatar, depending on the status of the person. As the largest labour law team in the Middle East, Al Tamimi-Company`s employment team regularly advises employers on contentious and non-contentious issues of labour and labour law. For more information on the basis of Qatari labour law, please contact Kamaljit Dosanjh (k.dosanjh@tamimi.com).

Credit: Qatar Day URL: www.qatarday.com/blog/legal/qatar-new-labor-law-and-working-contracts/22361 I`ve been in company xxxx she asked me as Jr. El. Engineering for the salary of 2500 QAR, but they send me an MAson visa, in the ID also they offer like MAson Occupation, but id is not to receive me, but the fingering is finished.38 (without any information they provide me this MASon visa) , but I have not signed agreements , if they ask to sign means what I have to do, please, change it means they said they do not need to change. but I`m not ready to have as a MASON visa, how can I pass it, if there are rules in this please advise. Because they betrayed me. I don`t know because I`m new to qatar. Only 1 month I am currently in doha. I`m going to continue in this business.

In Qatar, employers should make available to foreign workers an employment contract (service contract) or an official letter of contract setting out the terms of employment. Under Qatari law, it is not mandatory for an employment contract between an employee and an employer to be written, where an oral agreement is possible, although a written agreement is privileged. When an employment relationship is entered into without a contract, sufficient proof must be provided. Employment in Qatar is mainly subject to the Qatar Labour Act (14) of 2004 and a series of related ministerial decisions. However, non-enterprises dealing with employment in Qatar must first take into account sponsorship and immigration rules and regulations, which are mainly taken into account by the provisions of Law No.

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