An essential advantage of the production-company agreement is for the manufacturer that more than one artist can sign a production contract with the same company. However, the artist is bound by an exclusive contract and relies on the reputation and talents of a producer. If the production company involves the artist or does not guarantee the promised record contract, the artist`s only return will be to retain a right of termination in case of non-compliance with the agreed objectives. Here`s mine: I`m a music producer and I`m in the middle of negotiating a production agreement with an artist and her management team. I have to deliver six masters without payment in advance. I have to cover all the costs of recording, mixing and mastering. I will also essential cowriting and everything about the songs except their singing and lyrical writing. We`ve been working on a song before, and basically what happened at the end was that she spent six hours in the studio stopping singing while I worked on the track for two months. She wants to own 50% of the master recordings and parts of the writing/editing. Their reasoning is that this gives their management team a better chance of getting a distribution/label agreement for them. In my opinion, and I might be wrong if she only received the normal share of the artist of 15 to 20% on master`s records. The writing/publication should be 50/50. I think the right of administrator to buy for 12-18 months for an agreement is fair.

Thoughts? Could I also recover my expenses from their sales/labelling advance or total revenue? Thank you in advance. Cheers, Andy GLENN LITWAK is an experienced entertainment lawyer based in Santa Monica, CA. He has represented platinum sellers, Grammy-winning music producers, composer-composers, management and production companies, music publishers and independent record labels. Glenn is also a regular speaker at music industry conferences across the country, such as South by Southwest and Billboard Music in Film and TV Conference.