This will confirm our mutual agreement on how such provisions are applied. If RCL buy-outs are offered in an area of affected seniors, the airline may offer up to half of the total buy-outs to engine services personnel. Such purchases are offered to the service personnel concerned. The same regime would apply to the creation of reserve RCL management positions at the site concerned. A-25 Nr. Such local agreements will continue to apply. A-4 If, between July 1, 2002 and August 31, 2002, this worker is on duty under an UTU collective agreement and is entitled to other rights, that worker is entitled to the bonus. (2) The Arbitration Committee is composed of two partisan members, one appointed by the UTU and the other by the NCCC and the other neutral arbitrator, who will be appointed as Chair. The President is chosen by mutual agreement or by alternative strikes from a list of eleven, provided by the National Mediation Board in accordance with its current procedures for making available a list for arbitration parties in the New York wharf, the strike order to be determined by an envelope of parts or another method acceptable to both parties. Each party will bear its own costs and will share equally the fees and expenses of the neutral and all other arbitration costs. F-3 Will this article affect the current labour and rest agreements? Q-13 Does the airline`s proposed travel rate, based exclusively on the inclusion of section 5 national wages, come into effect thirty (30) days after notification of the airline, without agreement between the parties? Q-2 Will membership quotas and provisions for the progress of existing agreements be abolished on 1 July 2004? Q-1 If a contractor has seniority after June 15, 1987, but has seniority in another vessel represented by the UTU by October 31, 1985 under document „A,” will he qualify for the $1,200 bonus? (5) Payments to a worker as a result of the fact that they are required by existing agreements for an „increase” in the worker`s pool, which means that to that end, they take an earlier turn in that pool than would otherwise be the case when other sources of supply are depleted.