NOTE: Ships with less than 100 gross tons carrying more than six passengers, one of which can be rented or chartered with a crew, are still subject to inspection. The 12-passenger threshold applies when these vessels are chartered without the crew being made available or declared by the owner. US FLAG – UNINSPECTED PASSENGER VESSEL CHARTER AGREEMENT – PAGE 1 OF 8 NAME OF VESSEL: Length: Type: Official Numbers: Insurance Limits for Yacht Hull: Protection – Indemnity: Deductibles: This Date and Place between the Undersigned Parties it has been Agreed as Up to hours per day of , 10 20 delivery PORT: REDELIVERY PORT: Cruising Area: Maximum number of people: Night Guest: Daily Cruise : Compound Crew: CHARTER FEE: INITIAL DEPOSIT: – DUE DATE: DUE DATE: DUE DATE: DUE DATE: DUE DATE: Not included in tax: No included in tax: Plus: Advance (A.P.A.) for items that are not included not included in the tax:: Additional payments with final payment: deposit (see figures 16 and 17): All payments are made to the broker`s client account and are considered paid only if they are billed. Payment of funds: ADDITIONAL SIGNATURES Conditions The owner and charterer expressly agree that clauses 1-30, including, are part of this Agreement, which includes eight (8) pages plus all of the above additional conditions or all of the above addendums and that facsimile copies signed with this Contract are mandatory. Owner___________________________________ DATE________ WITNESS_____________________________________________ print name and address of the witness broker (Escrow Agent) ___WITNESS_____________________________________________ Charterer__________________________________ DATE_______ WITNESS______________________________________________ the print name and address of the witnesses Broker_________________________________________________ WITNESS______________________________________________ accepted by the American Association Yacht Charter Association and the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association. U.S. copywritten 2003 – AYCA. Neither organization is responsible for the misuse or misrepresentation of this agreement . Bare hull charter agreements are traditionally used in the marine industry as a mechanism to allow long-term charterers to take operational control of a ship. In these agreements, the charterer assumes the rights and responsibilities of ownership of the vessel.