A final nail in the proverbial coffin for B is the fact that the SCA felt that the transaction agreement was, at best, ambiguous for B. This, however, allowed the ACS to adopt an „appropriate design” of the transaction contract. It is increasingly common for parties to the dispute to reach an agreement, either before legal proceedings are opened or before they are concluded. Parties may resolve their disputes outside of court proceedings for a number of reasons, including avoiding legal costs or the length of court proceedings (whether litigation or arbitration). Full Transaction Agreement Presentation is a solution to help South African employers deal with disputes THE SCA was invited (on the basis of an interpretation of the settlement agreement) to determine the following succinct question: the appearance or continuation of the obligation to pay the amount of compensation depended on compliance with the payment method. A submitted that B`s obligation to pay did not depend on compliance with the payment method (i.e. (i)2 to the purchase of the game by C and (ii) payment by C to A), while B argued vice versa. Who knew that a divorce, a settlement contract and a gambling package could have created another case in which the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) should have read a contract? This transaction agreement („the „agreement”) specifies the terms of the contractual agreement between [PLAINTIFF] (the „plaintiff”) and [DEFENDANT] (the „defendant”) who agrees to be bound by that agreement. With respect to the context, A and B were married for 20 years under the redistricting system and it was not disputed that A was entitled to payment of something under the redistricting system. The purpose of the transaction agreement was to definitively determine the financial consequences of the dissolution of the marriage. The agreement did not provide for support to A after the divorce and it was not disputed that A was entirely financially dependent on the payment of compensation. In this context, the agreement contained a clear recognition of A`s family law rights to a financial arbitration award.

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