This section discusses the main elements of a paragraph and explores how to develop an effective thematic game. This section deals with the composition of sales. In the next chapter, we will examine the identification of common attribution objectives and the selection of appropriate content for a given target group, but here we will examine what is actually a paragraph. Composing an effective paragraph requires a similar method to building a house. You can have the best content or the best material, but if you don`t put them in the right order, then the final product won`t tighten very well. Verb-Accord Topic: Being able to find the right topic and verb will help you correct the errors of the subject verb agreement. For a sentence to be grammatically correct, the verb must match the subject in the sentence. Drilling for Oil in Alberta Health System Reform Introduction of a four-day workweek Bringing Pets to Work Create a theme based on the theme you`ve chosen by thinking of including both a main idea and a control idea. Then you write an alternative theme game with the same main idea, but another control idea. Collaboration: Thank you for sharing with a classmate and comparing your answers. A verb that links the subject to an action is called an „action verb.” An action group answers the question of what the subject is doing? In the following sentences, the words twice emphasized are action verbs. Clear communication is important for both students and professionals. Whether you`re writing an email or writing a report or essay, it`s your responsibility as an author to present your thoughts and ideas clearly and accurately.

Writing in complete sentences is a way to make sure you communicate well. This section describes how basic sentence structures are identified and written, and how often spelling errors are avoided. If you read many magazine articles, you will see that there is a summary before the beginning of the article: This is a summary of the content of the article. Be careful summarizing an article so you don`t depend too much on the summary, as it`s already a compressed version of the content. The summary author identified the main points of his perception; These may not correspond to your own purpose or your own idea of what is important. What can happen if you try to summarize the summary is that you will probably end up replacing some words with synonyms and you will not change general ideas in your own words because the ideas are already summarized, and it is difficult to make them more general (we will continue to discuss this in section 3.3 In: Paraphrase). You need to read the entire source or section of the source and determine for yourself what the key and support ideas are.

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