Negotiated procedure of the U.S. Free Trade Agreement. Congress and the executive branch play complementary roles in the negotiation and implementation of ERS trade agreements in the United States, which receive separate but related constitutional authorities on foreign trade and international negotiations. In order to facilitate this cooperation, Congress regularly grants the president the power to promote trade by granting enforcement laws for trade agreements, expedited review as long as the executive meets certain requirements. The Trump administration has so far complied with ACCORD`s reporting obligations for NAFTA renegotiations, but not with respect to the korus amendment negotiations. According to the government, the amendments negotiated at KORUS will be limited primarily to South Korean tariff changes and regulatory changes and will therefore not require implementation legislation by Congress. During the renegotiation process, the President expressed his readiness to withdraw from both agreements. Globalization has put pressure on the wages of less educated workers for three main reasons. First, the steady growth of U.S. trade deficits over the past two decades has eliminated millions of manufacturing and employment opportunities in that country. Most displaced people find work in other sectors where wages are much lower, resulting in lower average wages for all American workers. Recent surveys have shown that while displaced workers can find new jobs in the United States, they face a decline in wages, with incomes falling by an average of more than 13% (Mishel et al. 2001, 24).

The new jobs of these evicted workers are expected to be in the service sector, where 98% of net new jobs were created in the United States between 1989 and 2000, and in a sector where average earnings are only 81% of the manufacturing average (Mishel et al. 2003, 177). This competition also extends to export sectors, where pressure to bring down commodity prices is often strong. The impact of global ATRs on the U.S. economy and stakeholders. Trade agreements that do not involve the United States may

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