That is why it would be useful for the interests of both parties to take their time and negotiate a well-developed comprehensive settlement agreement, as this is the detail that often prevents the paying party from violating the agreement and facilitates the implementation of the agreement by the beneficiary. Divorce can be one of life`s hardest experiences. An experienced family lawyer is essential to separate emotions from just and legal facts when it comes to reaching a peaceful agreement in order to make the best progress possible. Although the parties have agreed not only on the settlement of their divorce application, but also on the terms of their settlement, it is not uncommon for each party to insist on a different level of specificity, both with respect to the essential conditions and the non-essential and incidental terms of transaction. It is not uncommon for the paying party to insist on casual, vague and ambiguous language to make its commitment more difficult to implement, perhaps, to impose this obligation of support that it owes to the other party, the other party, the payer, the recipient of spousal assistance, generally wishing all the conditions set with sufficient precision, so that the obligation of assistance can be easily imposed in court. Regardless of when and how an agreement is reached, whether informal between the parties, with or without the assistance of a counselor and/or mediator, or in any other way, a marital comparison contract should always include certain universal provisions to ensure that the final product is sufficiently complete for future enforcement measures. The Florida Supreme Court in Casto v. Casto has ruled that there are two separate reasons why each spouse can challenge an agreement and have it evacuated or amended. The first reason is „fraud, deception, coercion, coercion, misrepresentation or overrepresentation.” Casto v.

Casto, 508 So. 2d 330, 333 (Fla. 1987) (internal quotations omitted). The second reason for the expulsion of a transaction contract is that „in the circumstances of the parties, the agreement provides for an unfair or inappropriate provision for the spouse in question.” Id.

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