18.05 The Company is made available to the Dental Plan group in accordance with Manulife Directive 37985 and, in accordance with the four dental plans and the cost-sharing agreement described in Schedule E, the coverage amounts will be based on the current prince of dental fees for general practitioners in the province where the services were provided. In short, if expectations and performance are consistent with the employee`s compensation margin descriptor, all merits awarded to the employee in the annual salary review should be consistent with the performance officer (in SAM 4.03 and the CRPEG collective agreement). However, if expectations and performance coincide with the nearest descriptor, the employee should quickly move to the immediately higher level. If this level of performance is maintained and is expected to continue, staff should be considered for promotion to this higher level. For salary levels of 4 to 6 CSE, an employee`s performance may exceed the requirements for defined objectives and objects, but transportation still cannot be justified. This can happen because the performance does not match the next descriptor at a higher level. For this reason, the employee`s salary may go beyond the control salary. c) Appendix F may be amended at any time by mutual agreement. (a) In accordance with paragraphs 169, paragraph 2 and 172, paragraph 1, of the Canadian Labour Code, Part III, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories and The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada enter into a means of work agreement with standard and maximum working hours.

24.01 In accordance with the preamble to this agreement, the company and the Institute share a desire to resolve disputes or disputes as much as possible through a cooperative process characterized by rapid and open discussion and creative resolution of problems. To this end, the following dispute resolution procedures apply. 10.04 In accordance with the Schedule B settlement agreement, a day worker may accumulate overtime in entitled time to a maximum of seventy-five hours (75) hours in total time. A shift worker may choose to accumulate overtime in entitled time on up to four (4) workstations. The accumulation of these overtime hours must be done on productive work with prior authorization from management. The possibilities of accumulating aggregate time are not unduly limited. The Company will provide the Extended Health Care Plan in accordance with Manulife Directive 37984 and draft plans outlined in Appendix C. The company will offer an out-of-country travel coverage group, which is part of the expanded health policy above.

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